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Leading group of companies in manufacturing and distributor in premium electrical equipment and finest switchboard and high experience in electrical maintenance services

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PMK Group

Established in 1981, the PMK Group of Companies, a distinguished entity headquartered in Thailand, commands a leading position as a manufacturer of electrical control panels and a distributor of low-voltage and medium-voltage electrical products. With an unwavering commitment to progress, our renowned entities, PMK Corporation Ltd. and PMK Industry Co., Ltd., have propelled our solid and uninterrupted growth. Serving a diverse clientele spanning the private and public sectors, encompassing residential and commercial buildings, hospitals, utilities, and factories, we have successfully contributed our expertise to over 3000 esteemed projects.

Encompassing a vast range from low voltage to medium voltage, our product portfolio proudly showcases renowned brands, including ABB, Crompton, Kraus & Naimler, Phelps Dodge, BBI and E&E. Additionally, our electrical service division offers a comprehensive suite of solutions, encompassing high-potential testing, commissioning, preventive maintenance, and other essential electrical support.

Driven by an unwavering commitment to quality, PMK embraces a leading-edge approach, exemplified by our adherence to esteemed standards such as IEC, BS EN, UL, TIS (Thai Industrial Standard), ISO 9001, and ISO 14001. Moreover, our dedication to excellence is underscored by fully type-tested certificates bestowed upon us by LOVAG and ASTA. These remarkable standards stand as testament to our relentless pursuit of continuous product and service development, ensuring our offerings remain at the pinnacle of their class.

Average annual sale
Production capacity:
cubicles / yr.
  • 100 Sales & Service
  • 150 Engineering & Technician
  • 200 Other Departments  

PMK Group


With a resolute pursuit of excellence, we aspire to establish ourselves as the foremost leader in the field of high-quality switchboard manufacturing, consistently upholding international standards. In addition, as a comprehensive distributor of electrical equipment, we are committed to expanding our distribution network and providing unparalleled service, transcending borders to deliver a premium experience to our esteemed clientele.


With steadfast dedication, we commit ourselves to spearheading innovation and developing cutting-edge technologies for the electrical systems industry, utilizing an exceptionally efficient production process. Our prompt after-sales service extends to cover all products, guaranteeing unmatched customer satisfaction. Adhering strictly to principles of good governance, we conduct business with meticulous attention to customer benefits, promoting sustainable growth that endures through time.

Core Values

“ P R E M I U M “

P – Performance

Nurture our enterprise with a steadfast commitment to harness its inherent potential, fortifying the organization and fostering sustainable growth.

R – Responsibility

Exercising unwavering accountability to our esteemed clientele, we meticulously craft safe, supremely efficient products and services, meticulously governed by rigorous quality control protocols.

E – Entrepreneur

With visionary ingenuity, we continuously refine the caliber of our products and services, seamlessly integrating novel creative concepts to harmonize with the ever-evolving landscape of modern technology.

M – Manufacturing Best Practices

In harmonious accord with the pinnacle of engineering principles and practices, our affiliated products and services are meticulously crafted, epitomizing unwavering excellence and ingenuity.

I – Improvement Collaborative

Empowered by a culture of collaborative synergy, the company's personnel unite their expertise to relentlessly enhance the efficacy of products and services, ceaselessly driving forward the trajectory of quality.

U – Usability

Our business ethos embraces a profound understanding of customer needs, propelling us to conduct our operations with meticulous attention to the benefits derived from utilizing products that precisely cater to those needs.

M – Marvelous Impressions

Unleash awe-inspiring impressions by embracing our company's product as the foremost choice for customers, setting a remarkable standard of excellence.

M – Marvelous Impressions

Unleash awe-inspiring impressions by embracing our company's product as the foremost choice for customers, setting a remarkable standard of excellence.

Quality Policy

The PMK Group of Companies dedicates itself to the seamless integration of a comprehensive quality management system, fortifying its capabilities. Our business operations are meticulously aligned with the ISO 9001 quality management system, adhering strictly to its principles. Encouraging active involvement from employees at all levels, we foster a collective commitment to the overarching quality management system. Committed to customer satisfaction, we strive for punctuality in delivering our products. We assume responsibility for the perpetual enhancement of product and service quality, guided by our quality policy:
- Exemplifying international standards of product quality.
- Emphasizing the utilization of domestic equipment.
- Offering products at a reasonable price.
- Continuously refining work and manufacturing processes.

Standard Achievement

The PMK Group of Companies stands proudly accredited with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, exemplifying our unwavering commitment to unparalleled quality management standards. Drawing upon extensive manufacturing expertise, our products undergo rigorous testing in compliance with IEC, IEEE, ANSI, UL, and TISI standards, validated by esteemed certification institutions such as ASTA in Australia and Türkiye, KEMA in Italy, and TIS (Thailand Industrial Standard), EGAT, PEA, and MEA in Thailand.

Award & Recognition

PMK Group of Companies, esteemed for its unwavering commitment to product excellence and outstanding service, has earned widespread acclaim and trust, establishing a lasting presence that extends both domestically and across international markets.
Furthermore, our products bear the "Made in Thailand (MiT)" certification from the Federation of Thai Industries, signifying that they are predominantly manufactured using materials, labor, and innovation sourced within the country. PMK's Potens Clads Series of Compact Unit Substations is also included in the approved vendor lists of the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) and Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA).
Motivated by an unrelenting pursuit of growth and progress, our company has cultivated extensive collaborations with public organizations and private agencies, nurturing synergistic partnerships in personnel development, maintenance expertise, and collaborative innovation initiatives.
A testament to the company's steadfast determination, these attributes stand as a compelling reflection of its readiness to assume a pioneering role and establish the standard for leadership within this industry.