Air Load Break Switch (NAL/NALF)

The NAL/NALF switches have a compact, modular design, with rated voltages are up to 36 kV, rated current is up to 1250 A.

The NAL/NALF switch-disconnectors represent an attractive solution for applications in enclosed switchgear and compact transformer stations. In combination with CEF current-limiting fuses, they provide reliable control over the full range of overload currents. Accessories such as shunt trip, auxiliary switches, motor operations, and various systems for manual operation can easily be added.
  • Key features 
    - High number of breaking operations at rated current value
    - Compact dimensions for panel and prefabricated substation applications
    - Rated short-circuit withstand current up to 31.5 kA/1s
    - Earthing switch with making capacity
    - Wide range of operating temperatures
    - Visible insulating gap
    - Design class 2 for selected types according to IEC/TS 62271-304:2008-05

  • Key benefits
    - Capability for application with frequent switching requirement
    - Ability to close at high short circuits currents in cooperation with current-limiting fuses
    - Full range protection in combination with CEF/CEF-S current-limiting fuses
    - Safe and reliable solution for short circuit currents interruptions
    - Cost-efficient solution for transformers protection
    - Smart grid ready