The DRS range of MID APPROVED, direct connected energy meters represents a multi-function range of kWh meters in the Crompton Instruments portfolio.
The DRS-100-1P, energy meter is an accurate and cost-effective solution for the measurement and display of importing and exporting energy parameters for single-phase networks. It is easy programming, mounting, and user-friendly navigation make the DRS-100-1P an ideal choice for customers who require reliable energy measurement.
The product features a DIN-rail enclosure and a backlit LCD display.
The DRS-100-1P has two communication interfaces
• Modbus™ RTU protocol
• Two pulsed outputs


– MID D certified
– Class B (kWh) to EC 2004/22/EC
– Direct connect to 100A
– DIN-rail enclosure DIN 43880
– Import / export kWh
– Modbus™ RTU protocol
– Two pulsed outputs


– Cost effective
– Simple navigation
– Tamper-proof