Key features

Signal conditioning
Patented* technology enables measurement of power quality within any voltage of electrical supply, in a single product, covering the global range of 120/230V electrical supplies.

Full-color touchscreen display
Energy-efficient and intuitive touchscreen display with clear graphics and simple navigation. Easy for Field Engineers to set up and configure, reducing site time and saving money during installation.

Easy installation
Plug and socket connectivity for easy installation of prewired looms, saving valuable installation time and reducing wiring errors. Current flows directly through the meter primary CTs, meaning there is no need to terminate the CT wire at the meter

Inputs and output
– Total measurement for all utilities in a single meter, including measurement of pulses from water and gas meters.
– Can be configured to communicate outputs relating to active and reactive energy to building management systems
– Alarms can be configured for any relevant, measured parameters and can also serve as a trip function